Finsbury Park Boats - Finsbury Park Boating Lake, London N4 2NQ

Do you have an unused GROUPON voucher - remember it will expire at the end of October - please book now for a weekday session. Or bring the voucher without booking on a weekend (weather permitting)

PEDAL-JET has arrived!

In Finsbury Park during October - DON'T miss out
suitable for 3-5 adults £24 per session

The PedalJet is a pedal powered propeller driven catamaran perfect for fresh water lakes, rivers and coastal resorts.The highly efficient patented transmission mechanism means you can cruise at 6km/hr and explore the waters with friends like never before.

Looking forward to seeing
you on the lake soon

The Boatman, Finsbury Park Boats

 We now accept Debit and Credit Card
                                                         Minimum Charge £9
Easy to find we are adjacent to Finsbury Park Cafe

Closest Tube: Manor House or Finsbury Park
Just a 5 minute walk through to the centre of the Park
Finsbury ParkFinsbury ParkFinsbury ParkFinsbury Park
Finsbury ParkFinsbury ParkFinsbury ParkFinsbury Park
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